Top Rated Ecoflex Dog Crate Review

 Top Rated Ecoflex Dog Crate Review

Are you finding a perfect yet modern den for your dog? Read this Ecoflex dog crate review that will help you to find a stylish and secure crate for your dog. This extra-ordinary crate is specially designed according to this modern age where everyone wants style. Now you don’t need to hide your dog’s den because of an old-fashioned cage that wouldn’t look good in between your modern furniture. The fantastic feature of this Ecoflex dog crate is that it can be a part of your furniture. It seems like the End table that you can easily fit in your living room, drawing room, or even in your bedroom as your side table as well. It complements your furniture. The secure latching system proves to be best for your pet.


Here are the following features that the Ecoflex dog crate possess:

1. Material and Composition:

The New age Ecoflex dog crate comprises ECOFLEX material that incorporates reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. It is a non-toxic material. The stainless steel latches on its front door provide maximum security to your pet, prevent accidental opening. Small and medium-size contains one latch, whereas there are two latches on the large and extra-large size. Its removable tabletop helps in the cleaning process. A wide range of colors is available in Ecoflex dog crates, e.g., Black, Antique White, Gray/Silver, Russet, and Espresso. Moreover, it can be painted of your own choice of color. It is easy to assemble, requires no tools.

2. Size:

The New age offers four Ecoflex dog crates, i.e., SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and EXTRA LARGE.
• Ecoflex small dog crate – For dogs up to 20lbs
• Ecoflex medium dog crate – For dogs up to 50lbs
• Ecoflex large dog crate – For dogs up to 80lbs
• Ecoflex extra-large dog crate – For dogs up to 100lbs
The maximum Ecoflex dog crate weight limit is 100lbs.
The New age also offers the Ecoflex dog crate divider and Ecoflex dog crate replacement parts.

Its traditional style makes it fit every corner of your house. To avail of the generous offer, have a look at the Ecoflex dog crate for sale. You can get it at less price through various online marts.

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