Inspirational New Year Quotes And Messages

When New Year comes people always try to get best and inspiring words. Good words always bring smile on others faces. We should always wish to our loved ones with special way on any occasion. On this New Year if you are looking for inspirational New Year quotes and messages so, now you will get perfect and finest collection. This time we are giving you here most excellent and top collection of inspirational New Year quotes and messages. We are confident you will like it.

  1. “May Light always surround you;
    Hope kindle and rebound you.
    May your Hurts turn to Healing;
    Your Heart embrace Feeling.
    May Wounds become Wisdom;
    Every Kindness a Prism.
    May Laughter infect you;
    Your Passion resurrect you.
    May Goodness inspire
    your Deepest Desires.
    Through all that you Reach For,
    May your arms Never Tire.”
    ― Patricia Aakhus
  2. “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
    And next year’s words await another voice.”
    “Edward Abbey”

  3. Give yourself a chance,
    Give yourself the moment,
    Give yourself the freedom,
    Give yourself the power,
    Give yourself the confidence,
    Live for today not for tomorrow,
    Live the EXTREME !!!!!!!
    Because you got yourself only one life… LIVE IT !!!!
  4. “Every New Year people get you some presents but your best present you get never changes: Your own existence! It is also your best present to others!”
    ― Mehmet Murat ildan

  5. Leave behind you the old chapters that were filled with pages of worries and begin the New Year with happiness, cheer and smiles.
  6. The most important thing to remember as we approach 2015 is that it’s much better to commit mistakes that can strengthen your character other than playing it safe.

  7. Every one receives a blank 365 pages book each New Year. Wisdom lies in filling it with the right thoughts.
  8. May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family.
    Happy New year!!

  9. Wish you a great, prosperous , Blissful, Health, Bright, Delightful, mind Blowing, sweaty& Energetic, Terrific & Extremely… Happy , Very
    Happy New Year 2015!!
  10. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” So decide your goal and make Plan Wish you a very Happy New Year!– Larry Elder

  11. “A new year is unfolding—like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.
  12. “Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” — Helen Keller

  13. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Wish You A Very Happy New Year! — Eleanor Roosevelt
  14. “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Happy New Year!- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  15. “One resolution I have made and try always to keep is this: To rise above the little things.” May Your all wishes come true on the beautiful Year. – John Burroughs.
  16. “A cat’s New Year dream is mostly a bird! Don’t be like a cat; in New Year Dream something that you have never dreamed! Target for new things.” – Mehmet Murat Ildan.  


  17. New Year’s most glorious light is sweet hope!
  18. Thank you sweetheart…Happy New Year, with love.

  19. Like age, a new year is just a number.
  20. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Top 100 Birthday Wishes

If your any dear one birthday is coming so, this time you should wish him/her with best birthday wishes. Your words should be special and inspirational. With best and special words you can express your love, feelings and sincerity. Your good wishes can make someone happy and glad. Try to make your own birthday words but if you are not able to write it so, now you don’t need to take any stress about it. Now just visit this website and obtain through us top 100 birthday wishes.

  1. Congratulations on this amazing milestone. May this day be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Have a very Wonderful Happy Birthday.
  2. Remember it’s not the years in your life that matter, it’s the life in your years. Here’s to wishing you a blessed 100th Birthday!

  3. To celebrate your life and in recognition of the brightness that you have brought to the lives of others, 100 candles we light…just for you! Happy Birthday!
  4. On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  5. What is the secret to getting to 100
    I would like to know
    I think it is the good Life choices you have made
    Laughter being the key, as laughter
    brings Joy and with Joy comes good Health
    So more laughter please,
    Have a wonderful 100th Birthday!!
  6. You’re very special man who has always been thought of in the warmest way. Wish you a fantastic Birthday.

  7. Wishing you happiness
    To welcome each morning,
    Wishing you laughter
    To make your heart sing.
    Wishing you friendship
    Sharing and caring,
    And all of the joy
    The birthday can bring!
  8. You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face. Happy Birthday!

  9. Wishing my friend a beautiful day
    Hopes and dreams I’m sending your way
    May all be good and all come true
    On this very special day for you!
  10.  Happy Birthday !! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

  11. I love you because of what you do for me:
    You encourage me when I’m down,
    You make me feel good about myself,
    You make me laugh,
    You show me your love in so many ways.
    Happy Birthday, my love and my friend!
  12. May all your wishes come true but one, so you always have something to strive for. Happy Birthday!

  13. Thank you, sister… for always being there on my side and for helping me in those infinite ways which I might not even remember.
    Happy Birthday to a loving and caring sister!
  14. The only reason you hate your birthday is because people give you odd gifts, scary cards with weird messages in them, and because you’re getting older. Happy Birthday!

  15. We know that wisdom comes with age. You see, you don’t have all the signs of aging! Happy Birthday!
  16. May your love, happiness and friends always stay with you. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

  17. Jolly, lovely and most important day of my life – Your birthday.
  18. A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are – even if you are getting older. Happy Birthday.

  19. Welcome to the centenarian club. Very few people get into this exclusive group. For most, the initiation fee is just too steep. I always knew you were unique. You’ve always stood out in my life. Happy 100th birthday!
  20. 100 warm wishes, hugs and kisses on your 100th birthday. You deserve it, so you’ll have to sit still when we all give them to you. Happy 100th birthday!

Romantic Birthday Wishes Samples

Romantic birthday wishes always very special and loving and lovers always wish to each others with best and unique romantic birthday wishes. If your partner birthday is coming and on this birthday you want to make him/her happy and as well want to show your love, honesty and sincerity so, this time visit this website and get through us most excellent and best collection of romantic birthday wishes. Our team is offering you here only latest and unique romantic birthday wishes samples. We hope you will like it.

  1. My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you.
  2. If anybody ever asked me to define what “love” is all about, I could answer that question in three letters: Y-O-U! I love you so much! Happy birthday, darling!
  3. I searched my wallet and found it empty
    I searched my pockets and found some few coins
    Then I searched my heart and I found you
    Then I realized how rich I am
    Happy birthday!
    life became special
    the day you entered my life
    birthday wish to say
    I’ll fill all your days with love
    my sweetheart… you’re everything Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, darling! If I could, I would hand you all the stars in the sky on a silver platter as your gift. But I can’t, so I will give you my love to keep for eternity.
  6. My charmed and charming Beloved, have a magical birthday surrounded by every color of the rainbow, every sparkle of the world’s jewels, every heart that knows you and loves you. This I wish for you.
  7. My love, I hope every moment of this special day is as beautiful as you are. Happy Birthday!

  8. When God made you, He thought He was still making angels. Let your light shine on this most auspicious day, my beautiful one. Happy Birthday.
  9. You will never really know how much I love you this is because you are very innocent and you deserve it my part of soul. Love you always Happy Birthday My Dear!

  10. I always want to look in your eyes and I want to be there sharing in everything you do. My wish is to grow old with you, sending birthday wishes your way dear.
  11. Latest Birthday Quotes Collection

  12. Wishing you all the great things in life hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you the happiest Happy Birthday!

  13. Tonight for your birthday lets remind ourselves how much fun we can be. Lets get dress up, hit the town and party like we did while we were still dating.
  14. You have been the best thing that could have happened to me, giving me so much laughter, so much joy and so much love. So on you birthday, I’d just like to say thanks, and remind you of how very very much I love you.

  15. You blessed me with your love, and given me a reason to live. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and thank the Lord for placing someone so special in my life. May God bless you with all that you desire.
  16. Words cannot be enough to tell you what you are to me. Thank you for loving me the way you do. On your birthday, I wish that God blesses you with all that your sweet heart desires. I’m really lucky to have found love in someone like you. Happy Birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday my dearest and sweetest, not a day goes by when I do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here.
  18. With each year I’ll love you more. Remember that your best years are still ahead of you and I’ll be there for every up down and in between.

  19. Wishing you thousand times happy return of this special day… My Girl… My Girlfriend! Happy Birthday!
  20. Top 100 Birthday Wishes

  21. On This special Day,A Star Of pure Love Appeared 2 be My Gift,My Present & My Future,Which is You…!!!I’m Very Thankful For All The Joy & happiness,You Brought Into My Life,Happy Birthday My Love and have a wonderful life…..!!!

  22. I kissed this message a thousand times before I sent it. I wish that it had been you. Happy Birthday.
  23. If the sun never shined again and the storms never went away. As long as I still have you I can truly say, I am blessed. Happy birthday baby.

  24. Words cannot be enough to tell you what you are to me. Thank you for loving me the way you do. On your birthday, I wish that God blesses you with all that your sweet heart desires. I’m really lucky to have found love in someone like you. Happy Birthday.
  25. You loved me when I was down, when I was sick, or when I had a frown. You keep me smiling everyday and I just want you to know, it’s my turn, so Happy Birthday.

  26. Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up a year every year, and gifts are opened and thrown. But I want that my Birthday wishes stay with you forever. Happy Birthday!
  27. Even you’re away, I can still feel you in my heart
    Your presence embraces me and makes my day so bright
    For the most wonderful person in the world,
    Happy Birthday!